With an anachronistic flair for sexy, southern-style tunes to beat the country and blues at their own game.
— Feast of Music
…Melancholy and upbeat, demure and spunky—in the same cut.
— antiMusic
Erin Sax is a performer that risks breaking your heart and mending it all at the same time.
— Pop Stars
I was introduced to the band because of the gorgeous bad-ass lead singer Erin Sax…..This is music at its best!! Talented, passionate and musically gifted this is a band that deserves your attention.
— The A-List NY
A the best of ways...
— Detour Magazine
I was bowled over by Erin Sax the first time I caught her set. Suffice to say, I’ve been back every time she’s performed. You should be there too!
— Indie Sounds NY
Tough and sweet, smart and streetwise...
— Details Magazine
Erin Sax unleashes tough as nails lyrics wrapped in a sultry, soulful delivery. Don’t mess with this lady....She might break your heart, but you’ll never be the same!
— WMSC 90.3FM